Filter list not available in Adblock.

I have installed Adblock but sometimes popups are showing. Can you suggest me how to use filters. And I am trying to update Filter list but It is showing the error message “list not available” and “ can not be updated.”

Adblock is used to removing ads while surfing the internet. And you can use filters to surf which helps you to save you from getting annoying ads on web pages.

As you are trying to update filter list you are unable to do it. As some of the users are not able to do it because filter list is not available in some PCs so you can download EasyList Dutch+Easy List instead from the link given below:-


Type the address in address bar and enter. Now select Add it to your blocker.

Adblock sometimes popups are showing

However if somehow you are able to view Filter list option and you don’t want to follow the above method to replace Filter list with the Easy list then you have to update filters in Adblock manually you can follow the below-given method.If a web page suddenly stops working, it might be caused by a broken filter in your updated filter list. If you’re seeing ads, your filter lists might be out of date. In either case, manually updating your filter lists is a good step in troubleshooting.You might follow this easy path:-
Update filter list: 
Step 1:-Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, then select Options.
2:-On the FILTER LISTS tab, click update now.
3:-Wait for all the lists to update.and then Restart your computer.


Now there are some guidelines about filter list.In Adblock, you can Change miscellaneous options in Filter list to add more filters for smooth surfing.

Change Miscellaneous Settings:

Follow the steps given below to Change Miscellaneous Options:

Step 1:- Click the icon to bring up the options menu again, then click “Options” to open a new tab. You can change several options from here. Some are self-explanatory, while the more complex options are described below:

A)To support specific YouTube channels, You can enable the YouTube whitelist option, play any video on that YouTube channel, click the AdBlock icon, and select “Whitelist.”

B)Check “advanced options” for a list of features that are not fully functional, such as bypassing ad-blocking detection, and syncing your settings to other computers with Dropbox.

Now to Add more filter lists to Adblock:- If many ads are getting through, you probably need to update your filters or list of ads that AdBlock uses to identify what to block. Click the Adblock icon and select “Options,” then click “Filter Lists” at the top of the screen. You can click “update now” to use the recommended filters, or check additional filter lists for advanced blocking.

A) Extra filters include “Antisocial” to block social media buttons, “Fanboy’s Annoyances” filter is there to block social media buttons, in-page popups, and other non-ad “clutter,” and others. However, it is necessary to go to the Description of the filter list before using it because it may that content and site also which you use or may slow down your browsing slightly.

B) The “Customize” link at the top of the screen allows you to add your own filters yourself. Do not do this before reading the instructions in the section on filters, or the Adblock plus tutorial.

Now check if the problem has resolved or not. If it is still there, you may contact us.