Error while playing YouTube videos.

I am getting an Error while playing YouTube videos.YouTube videos have started showing the message “An error occurred. Please try again later” and a blank screen for several seconds. After that, the video plays. How can i solve this problem?


Error while playing YouTube videos is due to YouTube player code accidentally broke video playback when an ad blocker is in use. Sometimes, it may be related to a new ad delivery system YouTube started rolling out a few months ago. Error playing YouTube videos may look like in the image given below:-

Error playing YouTube videos 

Here is a method to sort out the error in playing YouTube videos:-
Method 1:- Install the IBA Opt-Out extension

Go to Google Ad settings for the account you use with YouTube and opt out of interest-based ads on both Google sites and elsewhere. Then install the IBA Opt-Out extension.
Step 1: Browse to, click the Google apps button, and select My Account.
2. Under Personal info & privacy click Ads settings.
3. Click Manage ad settings.
4. On the Control your Google ads page, scroll down and turn off Ads based on your interests.
5. Click SWITCH OFF when prompted to confirm, then click CONTROL SIGNED OUT ADS.
6. Turn off Ads based on your interests on websites beyond
7. Click SWITCH OFF when prompted to confirm, then click I’M DONE.
8. Install the IBA Opt-Out extension by Google.

If that doesn’t help. try another method given below :-

If you are still facing the issue error while playing YouTube videos, go to the 2nd method.
It has been noticed that error only affects videos with ads. It’s happening with all the major ad blockers in both Firefox and Chrome, with and without an ad blocker running. It seems to be related to a YouTube update released in the past couple of days rather than an issue specifically with any particular ad blocker or filter list.

Method 2:-

The only consistently successful workaround we’ve seen reported is to watch ad-supported videos while logged out of Google Chrome and YouTube. Alternatively, just wait a few seconds and the video will play normally.

These methods will sort out the issue. However if the issue Error playing YouTube videos is still there, you may contact us.