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Some of the users use Adblock to get rid of these annoying adds and it is really amazing software. It helps you load web page faster and block unwanted malware ads. Some of the users really have a great help with this Ad block and do not harm your data without intruding to your personal files and data. On Desktop users can block everything with this Ad block extension, Ad block may not work on all phone.

However, on cell phones, it may not block pop-ups and ads on all sites.So either you don’t use the site which is showing you warning while enabling the Ad block or you have to disable Ad block to visit that particular website. It is better not to open that website as many pop-ups will run into and malware can also attack on your system or on phone. It is better to be safe than sorry. So you can install Adblock to avoid these harms to your system and phone. Many users don’t want to see ads on GameFAQs.

The main reason people hate unwanted cheap popups ads on GameFAQs website. Sometimes the ads are also not related to Games. Many time ads on GameFAQs are misleading.

There are many other browser extensions that do the same work but in a different way. Ad block may not work always on as you need to update ad block filters or you may need to add ad block filter manually.

However, there are some users who use uBlock origin for the same purpose.Though you might select any of two, you will be getting rid of these ads. With the help of Ad block and u Block your system, as well as phone, both are safe to a great extent.

If you need help configure ad block you can contact AdBlock support or Contact Adblock Support Number  515-999-5187