Adblock is reporting some network problem regularly

Adblock network problem

This problem can be caused by the following issue

  1. WiFi network IP address issue
  2. Incorrect DNS
  3. Active proxy server

adblock network fail error

You can sort out this issue with following steps:-

  1. Make sure that internet connection is working fine.
  2. You should change your Wifi network if the problem is still occurring
  3. Reset Google Chrome
  4. scan your system for malware/adware
    malwarebytes antimalware
  5. Check all your Google Chrome extension and remove any unwanted extension

If you are facing Network Error issue at the time of installation of Adblock on Google Chrome, it might be possible that you are getting this problem due to Malware on your computer. Malware is modifying to prevent you from installing any extensions, including the installation of Adblock. To resolve this issue Uninstalling the Chrome and then Reinstall it from a registered website. Now Reinstall the Adblock. However this method you have to check to Delete your browsing Data.

If you still get Adblock network problem you contact phone number 515-999-5187 or Live Chat